shame1 [ ʃeım ] noun **
1. ) uncount a guilty and embarrassed feeling you have when you or someone else has behaved badly:
He speaks about it openly and without shame.
bow/hang your head in shame (=hold your head down and look away from people because you feel ashamed): The people who let this happen should hang their heads in shame.
a ) the ability to feel guilty or embarrassed when you or someone else behaves badly:
Has he no shame?
2. ) uncount loss of respect or a good reputation because of your own or someone else's bad behavior or bad performance:
They accused her of bringing shame and disgrace on the family name.
There is no shame in failing.
to someone's shame: To their shame, they were proven wrong.
3. ) singular a reason for feeling sad or disappointed:
It seems a shame to waste all this food.
It was a shame that you couldn't come with us.
a great/crying/terrible shame: It would have been a crying shame if we'd have lost the game.
(oh,) what a shame SPOKEN
used for expressing sympathy or disappointment:
She's resigned? Oh, what a shame.
put someone/something to shame
to make someone or something seem bad or less impressive by comparison:
They're so efficient they put us to shame.
shame on you SPOKEN
used for telling someone that they should feel guilty or embarrassed
shame 2 [ ʃeım ] verb transitive
1. ) to make someone feel guilty or embarrassed:
The behavior of the fans has shamed the team.
2. ) to cause yourself or someone else to lose respect or a good reputation:
Mom thought my divorce shamed the family.
3. ) to make someone or something seem bad or less impressive by comparison:
The clarity of the new TV shames even some movie screens.
`shame ,into phrasal verb transitive
shame someone into doing something to make someone feel so guilty or embarrassed that they do what you want:
Congress has been shamed into providing more money for the project.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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